Largs Town Twinning

The purpose of Largs Town Twinning is to develop friendship between people in different parts of Europe by voluntarily twinning towns, cities and Council areas with others in different countries so that a variety of cultural, sporting, educational and commercial activities can take place. Largs’s town twinning motto is ” Joining Towns Together” and that sums up the benefit of town twinning.

The Association was formed on 11th May 2006 following work done by a steering group. It is led by an enthusiastic committee, has an agreed constitution and a growing membership.

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A Visit from Christiane

Christiane Cauet, Chair of the town twinning group in Andernos les Bains ( Largs’s twin town in France) says “Salut” to Largs with a glass of lemonade in Drouthy Neebours on. Christiane was on a private visit to the town [...]

October 27th, 2019|Events, Latest News|

Where did you get that hat?

August 2019 The Information Evening at Largs Library proved to be a great success.  New members were signed up and will hopefully make it to the next social event.  The hat certainly drew in the crowds.  A big welcome our [...]

August 21st, 2019|Events, Latest News|