Our friends from Andernos saw Scotland at its best this year. The sun shone all day every day and both visitors and guests took full advantage of the glorious weather.

On the first night of the visit we all met together for a welcome drink in The Room. The Waverley and a few local pipers added to the perfect sunset.

Great meals in Nardinis and Fins Restaurant.  Fish, fish and more fish and many opportunities to chat and practice the langauge.

On Sunday some of the group headed over to Cumbrae and others to Dalgarven Mill and Dunoon.

The last evening we spent at a ceilidh where the local Scottish Country Dance Team put us through our paces.  It was a wonderful night.  Much singing and dancing.

It really was a great visit.  We hope our visitors enjoyed it as much as we did.

On Friday we set off for Glasgow for a tour of the City Chambers and a visit to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

Some even managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping and a quick tour on an open topped bus just to top up the tan.